My name is Tony Timperi I’m 29 years old and currently living in Finland in a small town called Kouvola.
I’m an self learned artist, driven by passion and guided by madness. I’m currently working as custom tattooist and a freelancer.
Currently most of my time is consumed by tattoos, but I want more actively start to pursue my goals as an conceptartist or an illustrator.
Tattooing has acted as a good stepping stone to get income as an artist but the time has come to move on to next adventure as an artist.
So this site acts as an portfolio and a doorway for my next journey, Where new possibilities may arise and present them selves.
You may be one of the great opportunities I’m talking about, so contact me for some work.



Education information and work experience


  • Self learned mostly in everything relating to arts and tattoos
  • Excellent illustration skills in digital and traditional media
  • Can produce all aspects of concept art fluently characters, creatures, environments, props, etc
  • Strong understanding of color and color theory
  • Good understanding of customers various needs