I have 6 year experience working as an tattoo artist.
I’m known from my attention for details and best quality of work i put in every tattoo,
whether its small or big.
My passion lies in the making of custom tattoos.
which will be designed accordingly to every customers invidual needs.
i personally enjoy pieces where i get to use colours and make them look realistic.
also in addition i like dark things and skulls.

When you’ve decided to get a tattoo from me.
you should contact me preferably via email artbydef@gmail.com
and provide me some mandatory information regarding
size, theme, style, B/W or colours and and spot where you want it.
these are required for me to estimate cost and schedule a time for you.
additionally you can provide extra information
such as pictures, videos, text, poetry, music, lyrics, etc
anything that helps me to get your idea in my head.

even tho this site is mainly for atrworks i’ve greated
here is few samples of my best work

For my newest works and updates
you should head for def inks facebook page